Tips and Tricks for Minimalist Home Staging

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Tips and Tricks for Minimalist Home Staging

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Tips and Tricks for Minimalist Home Staging

Minimalist home staging is becoming more popular in the real estate business. While minimalist style isn’t for everyone, there are several ways to use simple principles of design to turn your house into a showplace. Here are some tips and tricks for using minimalism in your home staging.

Less can be more

Try less is more. The key to minimalist home staging is choosing a few items you want to keep and removing everything else. You want to use your space as a blank canvas so that when someone walks in, their eyes are immediately drawn to the focal point of the room – and not distracted by other items. To make your rooms feel bigger:

  • Remove any clutter from the floor and place it on a table or bench.
  • Keep walls clear of artwork or photos except for one large piece that can be seen from all sides. If there isn’t enough wall space, consider adding mirrors or painting one wall white (which makes it look more prominent).
bright hall in a home
Make sure to let in as much light as you can when staging your home.

Having fewer items in your home is beneficial in a few more ways. While staging your home, decluttering will be a necessity. Also, having fewer items will make it easier to organize the relocation. If you are staging your home before the move, consider hiring professional assistance. You can easily get a free estimate online and book your move. Professionals can help you pack and move out all of your belongings without stress.

Go for neutral colors

When it comes to choosing colors for your home, going for neutral colors is always a good idea. Neutral colors include white or off-white paint, light-colored furniture and accessories, neutral-colored rugs, wall art, window treatments, and lighting.

The reason why neutrals are so popular is that they can easily blend into any style of home. A room painted in a bold color like red will look great if you have an open floor plan with modern decor but could look out of place if you have traditional furniture and artwork hanging on the walls. Neutral colors will always enhance a space merely by adding contrast or complimenting other elements already present in the room.

You can use a few dramatic accents

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to play up your home’s strengths. If you want people to see past the furniture and feel like they’re standing in an elegant living room rather than just a bare room, dramatic accents are key.

So, what kind of dramatic accent can make this happen? Well, anything that will catch the eye – and preferably something that speaks directly to your target audience: for example, if your ideal buyer is an outdoorsy family with kids who love exploring nature and hiking trails, then use elements that suggest those interests.

Take the focus away from your busy kitchen counters

It’s a common problem for most homes: their kitchens are too busy for staging. While countertops with lots of appliances and other items on display make the room look cluttered and unorganized, it is possible to use them in your favor. First, make sure you know which items you want to keep in the kitchen. For all appliances and devices you plan to move to another home, you can always consider renting a storage unit. Here are some suggestions that can help take the focus away from your busy kitchen counters:

modern kitchen design
Consider renting a storage unit for all those unnecessary items.
  • Use a small table to stage a few items rather than having everything out on the countertop. It may seem like more work, but it will give buyers more space and keep them from feeling overwhelmed by all that they see before them.
  • Decorative trays also work well here because they allow you to display everything without taking up too much space. You could even use multiple decorative bowls if necessary – just make sure they compliment each other, so they don’t clash.

Let in the light

Light is one of the most important elements in home staging, so let’s see the benefits you’ll get from more light in your (staged) home:

  • Light makes a room look spacious, which is what you want when you’re trying to sell it.
  • It makes a space seem clean and modern, which are two qualities that buyers are looking for in their new homes.
  • Light makes any space more inviting and welcoming. So, if you’re trying to make your house feel like a place where people want to spend time, lighting may just be your best bet.

Find storage for unnecessary stuff

If you’re moving from your apartment, it might be worthwhile to rent a storage unit to get some breathing room. You can pack your stuff in it and then decide which things you want to keep when you arrive at your new home. Many people find they have too much stuff. The fewer items that come into a home when staging it, the easier it will be for buyers to envision themselves using them in their own homes.

artsy living room design
Minimalist home staging is all about avoiding visual distractions.

You should also pack up items that are not essential but would make the house look nicer if left out. If they make sense for the staging process, leave them out. Otherwise, you can pack them up, so there’s no clutter when buyers come through.

Consider virtual staging of your home

Virtual staging is the use of tools to create the look and feel of a staged home, such as photography and video. If doing it remotely, you could do it via photos or video taken at the property or while you are still living in it by taking photos/video with professional equipment. It’s also possible to do 3D virtual staging using computer software. This will help you create a fully-rendered model which can be viewed on any device (computer, mobile phone).

Overall, the key to minimalist home staging is minimizing clutter and distractions. Make sure you take your time when decluttering, so you can make more thoughtful decisions about what stays and what goes. If you’re looking for a way to sell your house fast, consider hiring a professional realtor who can help with staging and other marketing strategies.

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