At Country Wide Moving & Storage, earning customer confidence and building a solid reputation is our number one GOAL.

Woman owned Diana Vann (President) and family operated by husband, son and daughters is what established Country Wide Moving & Storage in 1990.Vann Family

Diana and (husband) Robert knows the stress that can be involved with relocation across town, across the state or around the world, as they started out as over the road drivers with a major household carrier in 1978.  With over a million miles of driving and thousands of experiences in relocating families both understands what is expected during the relocation process.

Another determining factor adding children to the family, (Christina, Tonya, Thomas) made the decision to open an agency and help relocate families and not furniture.  What is amazing these children in the end became a part of today’s relocation process and are here today to work with you.

Country Wide Moving & Storage
Woman owned and Family Operated specializing in
Families Moving Families.

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